Corporate Culture


Bigger and stronger so special, the best domestic production of green lighting products.

Enterprise aspirations:

Prayer made the brand, creating a brilliant tomorrow Tao source.

Enterprise Mission:

Create value, serve the world to promote the development of LED lighting for building the world's energy, environmental protection, a better life and brilliant innovation.


Unity and dedication, practical, efficient, open up progress.

Core Values:

Operation of enterprises, operating life, the operation is equivalent to a good source of well-managed Tao life, Tao is the source of the development of staff development, Tao source optical LED lighting to make the best efforts of business and continuous innovation. We pledge to work with the progress the company, with customer growth in the most professional, best products, the most sincere commitment, most attentive service to achieve the harmonious development of self-worth.


TaoYuan Electronics (HK) Co., Ltd.
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