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1.LED 40W Product parameter table:

Part Number Emitted Color Vf(v) Lens-Color Wave Length(nm) Brightness(LM)
Angle 2θ
TY-HWW40 Warm White 32-36v Water Clear 3000-3300K 3800-4000lm 120
TY-HNW40 Neutral White 32-36v Water Clear 5700-6300K 4000-4100lm 120
TY-HCW40 Cold White 32-36v Water Clear 6300-7000K 4000-4100lm 120

2.LED 40W in the continued occupation of the market.On the lights,emergency lights,buried lights,lawn lamps,underwater lights and interior lighting, wall lamp effect.
3.High-power LED 40W Long Life:LED light source does not contain the light emitted infrared and ultraviolet,so the LED light emitted will not cause the ambient temperature.Products' life of 50,000 hours,24 hours continuous lighting for 7 years.
4.40W of LED's size and color temperature:3000-3300K,5700-6300K's.Brightness:4000-4100Lm.Voltage:16 - 17V for.Current 1200-1400mA.
5.LED 40W (10 series of 4 parallel)Light source chip connection diagram.

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