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1.LED 5W typical application:Widely used in high power 5W LED lights, flashlights,LCD backlighting, general lighting,contour lights, garden lights,ceiling lights,decorative lights, architectural lighting,street lamps and so on.
2.LED 5W of characteristics is compared with ordinary high-power lights,it has a long life, energy saving and environmental protection and other features.
3.There are a variety of colors,colored lights that do.LED color for the world.

Part Number Emitted Color Vf(v)/700MA Lens-Color Wave Length(nm) (LM) Angle 2θ
TY-HR5 Red 4-5V Water Clear 625-640 580~600lm 120
TY-HY5 Yellow 4-5v Water Clear 585-595 580~600lm 120
TY-HB5 Blue 7.0-7.5v Water Clear 460-480 180~200lm 120
TY-HG5 Green 7.0-7.5v Water Clear 520-530 600~700lm 120
TY-HNW5 Pure White 7.0-7.5v Water Clear 6000-7000K 600~700lm 120
TY-HWW5 Warm White 7.0-7.5v Water Clear 3000-3500K 600~700lm 120

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