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Heat dissipation for the High-power LED packaging technology born - COHS

High-power LED chip temperature (Tj) is the key to the life of High-power LED products, High-power LED chip temperature is the key to the package in the silicone chip inside the heat comes out, if you do not take this into account, and then a big heat sink and even the best material is useless! The current COB packages several layers of the chip to heat sink thermal resistance between the media and directly impede the cooling channels of the chip, the chip can not be quickly and directly the heat generated by the export, although you can increase the heat sink or fan, plus ways to deal with, but Chip can not be exported due to the heat sink, even if the temperature of the radiator core is not high but the actual temperature within the Agency, or high, and adds additional cooling costs!

LED lamps for the application of the above problems bottlenecks, the sea in the rich light of Taiwan semiconductor packaging technology, based on the experience developed for the High-power LED "COHS" packaging technology, the packages are contained in the chip directly overlying the substrate with high thermal conductivity of copper On the (thermal conductivity of copper is 400, is 2 times the aluminum), only the 25nm chip and heat sink between the conductive silver plastic, the resistance between the chip to the heat sink is only 0.16 ℃ / W, plus the thermal resistance of sapphire chip 2.61 ℃ / W, total thermal resistance is only 2.77 ℃ / W, the heat the chip characteristics almost without any obstacles to export directly! Ie: If copper substrate temperature is measured 50 ℃, then the chip will not exceed 53 ℃. The other highlight of the product packaging is designed on a substrate with a temperature detection point, the thermometer can be used directly for detection monitoring, the data can achieve a reasonable doubt on the heat sink design, quality control provides the most reliable basis!

High-power LED packaging technology:

High-power LED package structure and process as complex and directly affect the use of High-power LED performance and life, has been a research focus in recent years, especially in high-power white light LED package is research hotspot in the hot spots. High-power LED package features include: 1, mechanical protection, in order to improve reliability; 2, to enhance heat dissipation, to reduce the chip junction temperature and improve the High-power LED performance; 3, the optical control and improve the light efficiency and optimize the beam distribution; 4, power management including AC / DC shift and power control. 

LED packaging methods, materials, structure and process of selection mainly by the chip structure, optical / mechanical properties, the specific application and cost factors. After 40 years of development, High-power LED package has gone through the frame type (Lamp LED), SMD (SMD LED), power type LED (Power LED) and other stages of development. As the chips power increases, in particular the needs of the development of solid-state lighting technology, High-power LED packaging of the optical, thermal, electrical and mechanical structure and put forward new and higher requirements. In order to effectively reduce the package thermal resistance, improve the efficiency of light, new technology must be used for package design ideas. 

Second, the key to high-power LED packaging technology 

High-power LED package mainly related to light, heat, electricity, structure and process, etc., shown in Figure 1. These factors are mutually independent of each other, but also influence each other. Among them, the purpose of just High-power LED packaging, heat is the key, power, structure and process is the means, the level of performance is a concrete manifestation of package. Compatibility and from the process in terms of lower production costs, High-power LED chip design package design should be the same time, the chip design should take into account the package structure and process. Otherwise, the other chip manufacturing is completed, probably because of chip package structure need to be adjusted, resulting in longer product development cycle and process costs, and sometimes even impossible. 

Specifically, the key technology of high-power LED package includes: 

(A), low thermal resistance packaging technology 

LED light effects for the existing level, since about 80% of the input energy turned into heat, and the High-power LED chip size, thus, cooling the chip High-power LED package is the key issue must be resolved. Including the chip layout, packaging material selection (substrate material, thermal interface materials) and process, heat sink design.

Thermal resistance High-power LED package including materials (substrate and heat sink thermal structure) internal resistance and the interface thermal resistance.

To improve high-power LED light efficiency and reliability out of the package of high refractive index layer has gradually been transparent glass or ceramic glass replacement trend, by the phosphor within the doped or coated on the glass surface, not only improve the phosphor Uniformity, and improved packaging efficiency. In addition, the reduction of high-power LED optical interface of a light number of directions, but also improve the light extraction efficiency and effective measures. (c) of the array package and system integration technology: after 40 years of development, High-power LED packaging technology and the structure has gone through four stages: 1, pin type (Lamp) High-power LED package, 2, Surface Mount (SMD) type (SMT -LED) package, 3 chips directly mounted board (COB) High-power LED package, 4, system in package type (SiP) High-power LED package.

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